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DBT Friends & Family Group

What is it?

  • Eight weekly 60 minute learning and support groups for adult. friends and family of those with emotion regulation difficulties.

  • Group is led by Julie Brown, LPC, intensively trained in DBT by 

      Behavioral Tech and trained in family DBT with Alan Fruzzetti.

  • $40/group (prebilled at $320) for the general community.

  • Thirty minute intake session at $100 before entering the group.

  • Ask us about reduced fees, if needed.

  • Group meetings are weekly in the evenings, virtually.


What will we do?

  • Gain support and learn about DBT- not a therapy group.

  • Learn about the structure of DBT.

  • Learn how to support loved ones in their therapy.

  • Learn to better interact with loved ones and increase effective 

      behavior in others.

  • Learn to regulate yourself in challenging interpersonal situations 

      with loved ones.

  • Receive an overview of behavioral tools, interpersonal skills, 

      mindfulness and cognitive behavioral theory.

  • Share support with others with similar experiences.

  • Overall, we learn how to change our own behavior to influence

      the behavior of others.

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