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Dialectical Behavior Therapy
- Prolonged Exposure for PTSD

Individual Treatment for Adults and Adolescents

-Prolonged Exposure is a research validated treatment for traumatic stress and is fully endorsed by the American Psychological Association.
Further information about DBT-PE can be found at

-DBT-PE was developed as an adjunct to Standard DBT to treat trauma, so it can be conducted during the DBT Program as appropriate based on the client’s treatment needs. 


-If PE is being conducted during the DBT Program, then the 90 minute session would be in addition to the DBT group and DBT individual sessions each week. 


- DBT-PE can also be conducted after a DBT Program has finished or separate from DBT based on the needs of the client.


-DBT-PE sessions are typically 90 minutes per week.


-DBT-PE takes an average of 13 sessions but will vary based on the needs of the client.

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