DBT Teen Parenting Class
We are offering a DBT-based parenting class geared toward parents of teens. 

This class is part of our Adolescent Comprehensive DBT Program and is also open to parents who are not in our DBT program.  

Process of the class:

We start with two 1-hour individual sessions with Dr. Rankin.  When parents have an understanding and commitment to the content of the class and have established their own goals, they enter the group.

The group is virtual over Zoom, including six 1-hour sessions. Content includes validation; dialectics; behavioral modification; assessing, managing and coaching teens at different levels of emotion; parent decision making and self-assessment of emotion regulation; and practical information about how to implement a behavior plan.  Materials draw from DBT-Child and DBT-Adolescent resources.

Parents do homework between sessions as well as a DBT diary card.

Continued individual parenting sessions with Dr. Rankin may be recommended.