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Teen DBT Pretreatment Process

Our Comprehensive DBT Program starts with pretreatment.   Pretreatment typically involves three individual therapy sessions with the teen and two individual sessions with the parents.  One parent session is with your teen's individual therapist and one parent session is with Dr. Rankin to start to prepare for the parenting class. We may conduct more or less sessions, depending on the family.  If you want to be a Group Only client, you will have fewer pretreatment sessions. During pretreatment, you are not yet our client. We are assessing whether our DBT Program is the right treatment for you, and you will be assessing if you want to commit to our program after being fully informed about the treatment.  You also need to decide if the teen feels comfortable working with their individual therapist.  We want you to have the right therapist and treatment for your family.  If we determine it is a good fit, you would then start our multifamily group and enter the program.  Alternatively, we may recommend doing our parenting class before having the teen and parents start the multifamily group.  We also may make other recommendations for other types of treatments or screenings.

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