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The Skills System

The Skills System is a treatment to enhance Emotion Regulation for people with diverse learning needs.

As developed by Dr. Julie Brown, the Skills System is an accessible modification of Dr. Marsha Linehan's DBT treatment.  Learn more about Dr. Brown's Skills System.

Learn more about how the Skills System compares to Standard DBT.

Our Skills System Program is for people who are dually diagnosed with mental health problems and

  • significant learning or processing difficulties

  • multiple disabilities

  • Autism or other developmental disabilities

  • mild to moderate Intellectual Disability who are verbal

Our Skills System Program includes

  • Individual therapy for the client either with one of our DBT clinicians or with an outside therapist with whom we collaborate.

  • A one year Skills System Class for clients.

    • 12 weeks of material is repeated in 4 cycles.

    • Each cycle builds on client learning.  

    • Our skills training class is one hour long.

  • Skills coaching phone calls by the individual therapist between sessions.

  • Instruction and support for a skills coach in the client's life. 

    • A coach can be a parent, guardian, personal care attendant, or other staff spending frequent time with the client.

    • Coaches learn the Skills System and how to coach the client to stay regulated.

  • Optional additional sessions with the client and the coach/staff to problem solve implementing the Skills System in every day life and residential settings.

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