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How does the Skills System compare to Standard DBT?

  • The Skills System adapts DBT while staying adherent to DBT to make DBT accessible to clients with cognitive challenges.

  • The Skills System includes all of the Modes of DBT.

  • The Skills System includes the same principles and functions as DBT.

  • The Skills System captures all of the DBT Skills of Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance, and Interpersonal Effectiveness, combining a Zen tradition of Acceptance skills with Cognitive-Behavioral Change skills.

  • The Skills System streamlines the DBT skills into 9 core Skills and 3 System Tools to accommodate issues with memory, executive function (mental organization, planning and decision-making), comprehension, and learning.

  • Skills System therapists stay adherent to DBT principles while adjusting skills delivery by being aware of cognitive load in each moment.

    • ​The Skills System is flexible such that therapists modify the skills based on the cognitive needs of the individual client.

    • Skills presentation can be more detailed for client who need a higher challenge.

    • Skills can be broken down for clients who become overwhelmed. 

    • The complexity of language of the therapist can be adjusted.

    • Demands for reading or writing can be altered.

  • The Skills System adds Coaching Training to help the coach, the living setting, and the client co-regulate in the nature environment.

  • The Skills System's repetition of the skills 4 times over a year enhances learning.

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